The 2016 Stats: Whitetail Deer Sheds from BWR

At the end of the Whitetail Deer Hunting season, we begin the exciting time of shed hunting! As I write this, we still have quite a few bucks out there with their antlers, and there are always those who shed their antlers in the thick brush where I won’t go alone. [Did you know that snakes climb . . . errr, slither up trees? No, thank you.] It’s a friendly competition between Jerry and I who can find the most, but it’s one of the many ways we track and manage our whitetail herd at Bang Whitetail Ranch.

Here are some images of the sheds we’ve found out in the wild:

As we pick up the sheds, we gather them here:

Once we are fairly confident that we have found most of the sheds, we begin matching pairs and sorting by age. Once that’s done, we score the older bucks, record that information and store it for the next season to track the individual deer’s growth and to keep an average of year-over-year growth for our entire herd. This also allows us to know approximately how many bucks and what class we have for harvest for the upcoming whitetail deer hunting season.

Stats of sheds found, to date [there are big boys still out there, not found yet]:

  • Shed with longest tine length at 13 ⅝”
  • Shed with most mass: 45 6/8”
  • Sheds with highest gross score: 258 ⅛”

Other big scores:

  • 207 ⅜”
  • 210 ⅞”
  • 212 2/8”
  • 229 ⅞”


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