2016 Whitetail Hunting Season is almost here!

The weather is cooling down ever so slightly, and the bucks are beginning to rub out of their velvet, which is always an exciting time for us! After watching the bucks grow over the past few months, it’s exhilarating to see how they have turned out. We’ve had a really wet summer, which has been […]

The 2016 Stats: Whitetail Deer Sheds from BWR

At the end of the Whitetail Deer Hunting season, we begin the exciting time of shed hunting! As I write this, we still have quite a few bucks out there with their antlers, and there are always those who shed their antlers in the thick brush where I won’t go alone. [Did you know that […]

Come stay at BWR in the off season!

For the first time this year, we are opening up the BWR Lodge as a bed & breakfast during the off season! So if whitetail deer hunts aren’t your thing, but you enjoy getting out of town every now and then to disconnect and recharge, then you will find no other place more relaxing than Bang […]

Opening Day, September 27, 2014

Opening Day, September 27, 2014

Largest buck ever harvested on our ranch! Opening Day: September 27, 2014

This buck requires no explanation… Our hunter harvested this amazing whitetail buck on opening day, September 27, 2014, at first light. He took a 35 yard shot with his crossbow. Wow, and congratulations on a great trophy! This buck is the highest scoring buck ever taken off our ranch; here are all the stats: Gross SCI Score: 294″ […]

Sunrise this morning at Willow Room-092114

Willow Room Spa

Willow Room, our spa, is nearing completion; we think it will be a great addition to our hunting ranch! We are currently moving in and the treatment menu will be finalized soon. Make sure you bring your wife to relax and enjoy some spa time while you relax and enjoy your hunt time. 

SCI Number One Typical in Texas, 210 4/8″

SCI Number One Typical in Texas, 210 4/8″

BWR Has a New SCI Record Holder Buck

Harvested October 8, 2013, this 5.5 year old buck is the SCI Number One Typical in Texas, with an official score of 210 4/8.” Congratulations to our hunter, who also bagged a huge axis and fallow while he was here!

Buck Fever

Buck Fever

We’re getting excited and gearing up for this weekend: OPENING DAY is Saturday, September 27, 2014.   We’ve been sitting out, sizing up and taking photos of our herd. We’ve had rain, the acorns are dropping and the temperatures have been mild. Are YOU ready to hunt?          

Bang Whitetail Ranch Exotic Animal Photos

As the summer winds down, we are gearing up for another great season at Bang Whitetail Ranch. This spring we received some much needed rain after an eight-year drought, so things were green for a minute! A prolonged spring helped, as well, but summer arrived this month,  so it’s hot and dry. Our whitetail bucks […]

Ice, Ice, Baby

It’s been busy around BWR, and this past weekend was no different. We had six hunters at our exotics ranch and with a lot of hard work and a little luck, six animals were harvested in one day. Congratulations to both our hunters and guides! Pro case rebum zril ad. Sed vero admodum intellegebat at. […]