Jerry & Carrie Bang are the proud owners of Bang Whitetail Ranch

Jerry & Carrie Bang are the owners and operators of Bang Whitetail Ranch. While BWR has only been operational since 2008, many years of hunts and hard work have led them this quiet homestead perched atop a hill in Willow City, Texas. Both Jerry & Carrie have been avid hunters for many years, and their life goal was always to create a hunting ranch where families and friends could enjoy a world-class whitetail deer hunt, together.

They raised their two children, Maggie and Jason, in Victoria, Texas, where the family’s most memorable experiences often revolved around two things: hunts, and nightly dinners. Eating together was important, a time when everyone could gather to share stories about their day and stay connected amid chaotic schedules. In the process of opening BWR, the Bangs knew they wanted to continue this tradition by welcoming guests to their home and their dinner table as part of the overall hunting experience.

So at Bang Whitetail Ranch, everyone gathers together after each day of hunting, sharing food and stories over dinner in the Bang’s home. The quality of the meals is matched only by the quality of the hunts, and Jerry & Carrie work tirelessly to ensure each person who enters their home would agree.

Their son Jason is the ranch foreman and guide, and daughter Maggie oversees all marketing and communications. With everyone in the Bang family acting as an essential part of the BWR team, it is truly a family-run business!

We look forward to meeting you and helping you create a memorable experience, one hunt at a time.


The Bangs


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