“What makes Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting special for you?”

It’s a simple question, but every Trophy Whitetail Deer hunter might give you a different answer. For some, Whitetail Deer Hunting represents a return to the old Texas country, a chance to spend time away from the chaos of the city and suburban life in the peace of the outdoors. For some, the Deer Hunt is about family and connection, and the bonds formed in pursuit of a shared goal. For some, it’s simply about perfecting a craft, and for others still it can be about food, sport or camaraderie.

At Bang Whitetail Ranch (BWR), we understand that every Whitetail Hunter is looking to take something different from each experience, so each Whitetail Hunting Package is thoroughly customized. Before your next Whitetail Deer Hunting Trip, tell us about yourself and what you’d want out of your next visit, and we’ll work closely with you to make it happen. Simply complete the contact form, and we’ll get started by sending you a complimentary customized quote.

Trophy Whitetail Deer

Mounted Trophy Whitetail Dear in the Lodge

The Trophy Whitetail Deer herd at Bang Whitetail Ranch has been meticulously culled and managed for years, resulting in a wide selection of animals available to harvest each season. Prices vary based on the gross score of the deer, but we consistently harvest Whitetail Bucks scoring from 120” to 200”+. For an additional charge, we offer hunters and their families the convenient option of staying at the BWR Lodge for their whitetail deer hunting. If you choose to stay at the BWR Lodge, all meals are included with your stay, and you’ll have access to luxurious accommodations and breathtaking views of Willow City, Texas from the ranch balconies. If you choose not to stay at the BWR Lodge, we can recommend accommodations in Fredericksburg for your stay to help make planning as stress-free as possible. Typically we host hunts Friday through Sunday, but weekday Deer Hunts can also be arranged.

Hunting Lease Option

Seasonal Hunting Lease for up to 1 buck and doe per hunter.

Bang Whitetail Ranch also offers a Hunting Lease program which allows small groups of hunters to choose three weekends during the season to harvest one (1) whitetail buck and one (1) whitetail doe per hunter, per season. We can accommodate groups of up to four hunters per lease agreement. All deer hunts will be guided and options for cleaning can be arranged. As with the trophy whitetail deer hunting package mentioned above, hunters and their families have the option to stay at the BWR lodge for an additional charge, or we can help guide you in making your own lodging arrangements.

Trophy Exotic Hunts


Trophy Exotic Hunts at our second ranch, Bang Whitetail Ranch Exotics, is located approximately 45 minutes away from our BWR headquarters. We have Trophy Axis Deer Hunting, Fallow Deer, Blackbucks and Rams available to harvest year-round. You may add a Texas Exotic Hunt to your whitetail deer hunting trip, or you can schedule an exotics-only hunt. If you choose to only hunt exotics, there are two lodges on-site at BWR Exotics where you can stay for the duration of your trip. Both lodges have fully equipped kitchens where guests can prepare meals and relax after a long day outdoors.

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