About the Bang Family Whitetail and Exotic Ranches

Like many other Texans, we at Bang Whitetail Ranch (BWR) follow a rich family history of hunters and sportsmen. Just as our parents shared with us their love of hunting and the Texas outdoors, we did the same with our own children, building a strong family foundation of knowledge and passion to ensure the highest-quality hunting experiences at Bang Whitetail Ranch.

Today, most of our work on the ranch is based on two very simple principles:

1. Strictly managing the whitetail herd will yield incredible animals, and

2. Hunting is an enjoyable experience, where everyone should be welcome.

These principles drive every decision we make at the Bang Whitetail Ranches, BWR, and year after year we are thrilled to share in the adventures and experiences of families and friends taking advantage of our record-setting Whitetail Deer and Exotic herd and beautiful Hill Country Texas accommodations.

Our mission is to present our guests with the most complete and fulfilling hunting experience possible, and we’re committed as a family and business to ensuring that mission is successful. As an additional note, we have a four-hunter maximum to ensure we’re able to cater the Texas Hunting Trip to you and your guests and focus on making your visit memorable. We consider every buck harvested at BWR a trophy buck.

Family Friendly Texas Hunting Ranch

Traditional hunting leases aren’t always the most family-friendly environments, something we wanted to change when we opened Bang Whitetail Ranch. We value the time we get to spend with our loved ones, so we wanted to create a hunting experience where you could feel proud bringing along a spouse, children, parents, or clients. Our food, lodging, on-site spa, and views of the Texas Hill Country are the perfect alternative to accompanying a hunt, and with our proximity to Fredericksburg and Llano, we’re conveniently located. Your spouse or family can spend the day shopping at the local boutiques in town, or perhaps wine tasting along the Highway 290 corridor. Please let us know in the contact form, on our contact page, who you plan to bring with you, and we’ll work with you to create a wonderful time for everyone.

The Bang Family Hunting History

The Bang Whitetail Ranch Willow City Division was founded in 2000 and began offering hunts to the public in 2008. We are a Managed Land Permit Level 3 ranch, and our strict management practices have allowed us to develop a herd of mainframe typical whitetails that are allowed to reach a mature age before being harvested.

We have partnered with Macy Ledbetter, a Certified Wildlife biologist, to help us determine the optimal feed program for our herd. We have experimented with various crops in our feed plot to add native and nutrient-rich plants to the natural sustenance provided to our animals. Macy also implements strict guidelines for herd management via the surveying and culling of our deer.

Brad Howard, Operations Manager, and Jason Bang, Ranch Manager/Guide, oversee all aspects of the hunting and guiding. They are the ones that will customize your hunts and answer your phone calls. Contact us today by filling out our contact form to get more information about your next hunt.

To get a more complete idea of what you can expect at Bang Whitetail Ranch, please watch our introductory video.

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