Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting

“What makes Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting special for you?”

It’s a simple question, but every Trophy Whitetail Deer hunter might give you a different answer. For some, Whitetail Deer Hunting represents a return to the old Texas country, a chance to spend time away from the chaos of the city and suburban life in the peace of the outdoors. For some, the Deer Hunt is about family and connection, and the bonds formed in pursuit of a shared goal. For some, it’s simply about perfecting a craft, and for others still it can be about food, sport or camaraderie.

Guided Trophy Whitetail Hunts

We offer one-on-one guide service to all of our hunters and are experienced with first-time hunters. Our trained guides know our animals, and are absolutely committed to ensuring you have an enjoyable and safe hunt. Guides also cape and quarter your animal after the harvest, on-site at the ranch compound.

Bow and Rifle Hunting for Whitetail Deer

All weapons are allowed at Bang Whitetail Ranch. Jerry Bang is an avid bow hunter, so we have various types of blinds which accommodate many types of hunts. For those who prefer to rifle hunt, we have large blinds which can easily accommodate 2 to 5 people. We also have one handicap-accessible hunting blind. Preferable calibers for hunting whitetail are .243 and up.

If you prefer not to travel with your firearm simply let us know your needs and we will do our best to accommodate. When traveling, American Airlines is a firearm friendly airline; but be sure to read their regulations before traveling as they do change on occasion.

Trophy Whitetail Deer Management

The Trophy Whitetail Deer herd at Bang Whitetail Ranch has been meticulously culled and managed for years, resulting in a wide selection of animals available to harvest each season. Prices vary based on the gross score of the deer, but we consistently harvest Whitetail Bucks scoring from 120” to 200”+.

Bang Whitetail Ranch is unique in that you’ll see bucks of all ages when you spend a day in our blinds. We’ve worked for years meticulously culling the herd, so the bucks remaining on the land each year possess the traits we value and are the ones to reproduce. Specifically, the traits we value are clean, typical whitetail deer with heavy mass and long brow tines. If you take a moment to look through our photo gallery you’ll see what we mean – our whitetail deer are of the highest order because of the daily work we put into managing the herd. In fact, one of our hunters still holds the SCI, Texas World Record for the largest typical whitetail harvested, with a gross score of 252 4/8”.

In addition to the daily work with our animals, each spring we tirelessly search the property to find as many sheds as possible. Once collected, all sheds are aged and scored, allowing us to track the data from year to year and helping us determine the projected growth of each deer, and of the herd collectively. With this information, we can understand how our herd is growing, as well as which deer will be available to harvest in the upcoming season.

To give you an idea of the caliber of our whitetail deer herd:

  • 70% of our 4 year-old bucks will score at least 170”
  • On average, our 2 year-olds score 147”
  • We see the largest growth in our deer from year 2 to 3 at an average growth rate of 16%

Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting Season

Our season begins the last weekend in September and ends the last weekend in February. Typically the rut begins in mid-November, so we encourage our big trophy hunters (170”+) to book as early as possible in the year.

At Bang Whitetail Ranch (BWR), we understand that every Whitetail Hunter is looking to take something different from each experience, so each Whitetail Hunting Package is thoroughly customized. Before your next Whitetail Deer Hunting Trip, tell us about yourself and what you’d want out of your visit, and we’ll work closely with you to make it happen. Simply complete the contact form, and we’ll get started by sending you a complimentary customized quote.

Texas Hunting Lease

Bang Whitetail Ranch also offers a Hunting Lease program at the Harper Division which allows small groups of hunters to choose three weekends during the season to harvest one (1) whitetail buck and one (1) whitetail doe per hunter, per season. We can accommodate groups of up to four hunters per lease agreement. All deer hunts will be guided and options for cleaning can be arranged. As with the trophy whitetail deer hunting package mentioned above, hunters and their families have the option to stay at the Bang Whitetail Ranch Harper lodge for an additional charge, or we can help guide you in making your own lodging arrangements.

Complete the contact form, and we will contact you within 72 hours with a personalized quote.

If you’re wanting to hunt in style, we offer hunters and their families the luxurious option of staying at the Bang Whitetail Ranch Willow City Lodge during their whitetail deer hunt. If you choose to stay at the BWR Willow City Hunting Lodge, all meals are included with your stay, and you’ll have access to world-class accommodations and breathtaking views of Willow City, Texas from the ranch balconies.

Bang Whitetail Ranch SCI Record Bucks

October 2014

Number 1 Overall Rank

Texas Whitetail Deer (Typical) (Estate)

SCI Official Score: 231 2/8″

October 2013

Number 4 Overall Rank

Texas Whitetail Deer (Typical) (Estate)

SCI Official Score: 210 5/8″

October 2014

Number 6 Overall Rank

Texas Whitetail Deer (Typical) (Estate)

SCI Official Score: 208 5/8″

October 2010

Number 10 Overall Rank

Texas Whitetail Deer (Typical) (Estate)

SCI Official Score: 202 2/8″

Bang Whitetail Ranch was ranked as one of the Top Texas Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting Destinations in 2016 by Ranch Review and Outfitter Connection!